7 Tips and Trends for Remodeling your Denver Residence

Home Front in All Brick with Green Lawn in Fall Season

August 2nd, 2021 by Emila Smith

Remodeling your home or a new property can be a very daunting task. Although it’s usually a daunting task, remodeling your home can also increase the value of your property. Even more so if you’re trying to turn a profit in a hot property market like Denver.

Whether you’re remodeling to fit your ideal property or you are hoping to turn a more significant profit, here are seven great tips that can help you to make the most of your Denver remodel.

#1: Get the Tiling Right

Tiling is one of the most exciting features added to many homes. Great tiling jobs can make a space feel fresh, new, and unique in ways that you cannot imagine. When tiling goes wrong, however, it can completely ruin the vibe of a space.

Make sure that you are following expert tiling tips whenever you redo it in your home. If you aren’t confident to DIY, don’t be afraid to save up to pay a professional for the installation.

Before you start tiling, it may be a great idea to consult with a home designer or decorator to make sure that your tile selections make sense for your space. Sometimes, specific tile designs can seem like a great choice until you have them installed. Working with a professional can help you avoid this disappointment about your remodeling choices.

Things like mudrooms, built-ins, and extra fireplaces are once again becoming popular. Don’t be afraid to explore some of your favorite features because it doesn’t suit a modern design. Remember that modern is a specific style and not necessarily what is trending in this very moment. Explore those old trends that you love; you can find great ways to make them work.

#3: Invest in Siding that Lasts

Remodeling is often about making sure that you invest in things that will stand up to the tests of time and market changes. With siding, that can often be difficult.

Fiber-cement siding is becoming very popular even though it is more expensive than more common types of siding. Once installed, most people recoup at least 83% of the installation and product cost. This means that the change you make for your ideal property will pay off in the long run!

#4: Storage, Storage Everywhere!

No matter what part of the property you are renovating, you should always consider if there is an opportunity to add more storage or to make available storage more functional. Well-incorporated storage makes homes more practical to live in, and most buyers are looking for this today. This means it’s an excellent investment for those looking to sell soon.

Many people simply want more storage at home. If you improve your storage at home, your space will even feel bigger!

#5: Budget for Accessories

Remodeling isn’t all about addressing the big pieces of your home, such as walls, bathtubs, or tiling. Instead, there needs to be some energy put into making sure you have the right home accessories. Throw pillows, ornamental pieces, and signature furniture can make a space feel totally fresh, updated, and new! Check what you have in the space, and then reimagine it as well.

#6: Sometimes Painting is Enough

Remodeling can often feel like you have to completely change a space to make a difference, but that is far from the truth! Many homes have great rooms that need nothing more than a good paint job in better colors or a unique design.

Paint can change the feel of a space in incredible ways. Whether you want to paint a neutral color that will work with all of your decor or make your walls a feature piece, painting plays a key role in remodeling.

#7: Planning is Key

The #1 reason people do not finish home remodeling projects, especially when they DIY, is that they do not properly plan out the remodel. Sometimes, this means they do tasks in the wrong order and end up needing to redo work they have already done. Other times, this means that they simply didn’t budget enough.

Make sure that you are thorough and detailed in your planning. Hiring a remodeling designer or other professional to help you set your plans is well worth the investment in the long run when remodeling in Denver.