Creating An Awesome Game Room On A Budget

Game room design with a pool table, shuffleboard, and television

Whether you live solo, with your partner, or with family, a game room is an excellent addition. It is the perfect place to de-stress and bond with your loved ones. However, we often have the misguided idea that setting one up costs too much!

If you yearn to set up a gaming room at your home but think the costs would be prohibitive, this article is for you. You can create a game room even on a shoestring budget! Read on and learn the tips to help you set up a game room without breaking the bank. 

Work with an experienced contractor

Many people think that DIY is cheaper. But it is often not. For starters, you have to wait until you are on holiday to do the job (a good reason for procrastinating). Also, DIY usually means you must stop doing what you are good at, learn a new skill (at least try), and perform the task like a pro. We end up spending more time and money than we think. 

So, instead of spending that time and effort on DIY, use it to search for an experienced, reliable construction contractor to design and create a gaming room for you. 

Here are some game room ideas you can bounce off the designer to create an awesome game room on a low budget. 

Avoid expensive themes

A themed game room would be great. But it is also restrictive and could cost you a pretty penny. Think about it. When you have to stick to themes like an English pub, you’ll have to bring inexpensive furniture to create that look. Other concepts like a bamboo tiki bar require specific (and often expensive) materials to create that rustic look. Besides, it confines your creativity which should be firing on all cylinders since you want to get a low-budget game room. 

So, rather than stick to a theme, think of an eclectic (or custom) look. 

Use vertical space

Now that you have let down the shackles, look for ways to maximize space. Floor space could be limited, but we often underutilize vertical spaces. A creative designer can help you use vertical spaces in various parts of your home and make small spaces look enormous

Consider doing the following in the game room:

  • Mount a large TV at a high spot on the wall and let it be visible from any corner in the room. For that cinema room feel, make sure you get a TV box with all of the channels. 
  • Set up other games that utilize vertical space like a dartboard or shooting range.
  • Build a chicken playpen high on the ceiling

Combine gaming and movie spaces

Movies and gaming are perfect complements. A giant screen and seats could turn into spots for the next gaming tournament. If the screen pushes your budget too high, consider using a mini projector. 

Make it colorful

If you want to create a gaming room for kids, you must think about bright colors. 

Bright and striking colors like red, green, pink, and yellow set the mood and energize the room. 

Think of creative color patterns like classic pipes and visuals like colorful clouds. Color is an excellent (and affordable) way to energize the occupants. If that’s too hard, you could paint a scene from their favorite cartoon or your best-loved sports league. 

Bring in affordable multi-function game room furniture

Furniture is a must-have in any gaming room, especially if you plan to entertain friends and other adults. But, rather than purchasing furniture and games separately, consider using multi-function game room furniture. 

The same table you use for poker could convert into a pool table, and if need be, it could also be a dining table. 

Multi-function game room furniture will not only help you to save cash, but they are excellent for space utilization. 

Finally, add a scoreboard

The tips above will help you create an awesome game room on a budget. But, no game room is complete without a dose of competition. 

Raise the stakes in every game by keeping scores. But don’t think of expensive digital scoreboards. A simple chalkboard or marker board will help you turn on the heat in every game in your gaming room.