Front Yard Landscaping: Tips to Transform Your Home’s Exterior

View of flowers in the garden surround a green yard

By: Emila Smith

In modern day, the purpose of a front yard is to make the best first impression on your neighbours, family and friends. For this, front yard landscaping is important. It’s the ideal way to amaze your neighbours and pique their curiosity. It’s enough to make them want to know more about your home.

If you want to impress your neighbours and friends to draw attention from the moment they set eyes on your property’s front garden, you’ll need to landscape like a pro. You’ll want to get the right balance between making a striking impression and encouraging loiterers. And keep in mind that the final landscaping result has a few seconds to achieve this. 

So, this is how you can get the right look for your front garden. Just follow these little hints.

Add a terraced walkway using shrubs

Your front yard should say ‘welcome home’. It should be well-designed, and its aesthetics should invite you in. The best way to get it right is with a terraced walkway, and some of the most flattering terraced walkways use shrubs.

Evergreen plants that border your walkways or paths instead of deciduous plants that lose their leaves at certain times of the year can add a beautiful twist to your landscape. An evergreen plant will create a clear distinction between your paths and their surrounding land and they’ll stay green all year round. 

Include flowers in the borders of your front yard

Though many prefer fences to create a clear border between their front yard and their neighbour’s front garden, consider including flowers instead. Even though plants and flowers require some maintenance, they are visually appealing. A splash of colour that comes from your border’s flowers will encourage visitors to glance at your home. It will also create a more welcoming effect.

When choosing flowers for the borders of your front yard, remember to avoid spiky or thorny plants, which can damage your clothing as you navigate your way around your front garden.  

Highlight the entrance

Next, turn your attention to the entrance. The entrance of your home can become a part of your front yard landscaping project. It can also add to the aesthetic appeal of your home. Highlighting the entrance doesn’t always require a lot of effort. 

You’ll get a great effect by choosing your plants carefully to highlight the space at the end of the walkway (near your front door). Decorative, colourful and bright plants are the best choice for this zone but don’t stop there.

Near the front of your home, at both sides of the entrance, flower beds provide another opportunity to highlight your entrance. Again, choose bright, beautiful flowers to create a unique appeal.

Lay a patio or create an entertainment space

Patios are another great way to use the front yard and make the most of it. They are also ideal for creating an entertaining space for when you are inviting guests over. Expert landscapers will have no problem using a tile saw to cut each slab and lay them down to create the perfect patio. If you don’t consider yourself a professional landscaper, do a little research and solicit the help of the experts.

With a patio installed, don’t be surprised when your front lawn becomes the talk of the neighborhood.

Don’t forget to maintain your front yard

There’s no getting around it. Our final tip is that maintenance is fundamental. It’s vital as it will guarantee that your garden looks exceptional throughout the year. This means trimming back hedges and cutting stray branches, looking after your plants and making sure they get their nutrients and keeping the weeds at bay. 

Garden maintenance isn’t always easy. It requires the right tools and the right fertilisers. Get your hands on some all-purpose mix that will help your plants, trees and shrubs flourish. Invest in the right tools to make the job simpler.

Finally, put in the effort to remove those pesky weeds to maximise the visual appeal of your front yard. Darren Robertson of Northern Virginia Home Pro adds that, “An unfinished front yard is likely to put prospective buyers off from even looking at the property inside, so it’s a first step to sort out if you’re considering putting your property on the market.”

Front yard landscaping: What to remember

Your front yard landscaping project can make or break the visual appeal of your home. There’s a lot at stake here as it’s the first thing your neighbours will notice. To get it right, remember to:

With these hints, your front lawn will get plenty of attention and might even become the place where you can start entertaining guests.

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