Old House Trends You Want To Bring Back

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“Two things get better with age; old wine and old houses.”

The world keeps evolving, and innovations are happening every day. Sometimes, we crave to bring back old experiences.

New things are not always better than old ones. After trying out some modern trends, you start missing the old ones when the excitement wears off. That is precisely how one would feel about homes.

There are functional features of old homes that are no longer present. You may be wondering why they are no longer in vogue. Or you may be missing those elements and want to have them back in your home.

Modern houses differ from old ones in several ways. The floor plan for modern homes is open. They have a layout that incorporates the living room, kitchen, and dining into a wide space without any wall to separate them.

That is because most parents prefer to keep an eye on their children while cooking or entertaining visitors. However, old houses have a closed floor plan. Each room serves a particular purpose and has walls or doors to separate them. That means old houses have different rooms for kitchen, dining, parlor, and study.

To some extent, this closed floor plan in old homes was beneficial. With a closed floor plan, you have privacy and separation of rooms based on functions. Also, it allows you to decorate each room accordingly. For instance, the type of color you prefer for a kitchen may not be suitable for the living room.

The open floor space in modern homes is noisy. Different sounds filter in from several parts of the room. But a closed floor plan will restrict each sound to a particular space. A closed floor plan is also energy-efficient. That is because you will close off the rooms you are not using and only put on your HVAC or electricity in the room that is in use.

Old houses are charming and they help to showcase quality craftsmanship, says Blue Mountain Real Estate. The features of an old house may bring back some forgotten memories that you treasure. However, it doesn’t mean you should abandon your modern home. 

We recommend that you integrate the following old house trends into your new home.

1. Mudrooms

Having a mudroom or vestibule will reduce the stress of excessive cleaning. When people enter your house from the rain or snow, they can keep their soiled clothing in the mudroom before entering your living room.

2. Picket fences

Picket fences are charming structures that you can use to define your property. You can also use them to decorate your landscape and keep your pets or children within the property.

3. A fireplace in every room

As part of bringing back old house trends, you should consider having a fireplace in every room. For the best effect, you can install wooden fireplaces in the kitchen, bathroom, and bedrooms.

You should not limit the use of fireplaces to only the patio and living rooms. They perform the same function irrespective of where you install them.

4. Walk-in pantries

Having a walk-in pantry helps you to organize your storage creatively. A walk-in pantry is a functional feature that allows you to retrieve or store your items conveniently. With this space in your kitchen, you can minimize clutter and keep different things according to their uses.

5. Built-ins

A built-in is an old house trend that integrates storage features into the home’s wall. It is a way of converting the wall into a storage area to maximize the available space. Storage features such as bookcases, cabinets, or shelves can be convenient as built-ins.

6. Double pocket doors

As part of blending old house trends into your modern homes, you may consider installing double pocket doors. These doors will help you to have a closed floor plan or an open floor plan whenever you want it. When you leave the double pocket doors open, you have an open floor plan. But if you close it, you create a closed floor plan.

7. A staircase landing

 A staircase landing is also a functional feature that serves as a resting place for the elderly or pregnant women who use the stairs. You can also decorate this space, create a window, and add seats.

8. Freestanding tubs

Soaking yourself in a freestanding or a clawfoot tub will bring back old memories. These tubs add more luxury to the house and are deeper than modern bathtubs. To install a standing tub, you need a spacious bathroom.

9. Wall niches

Having wall niches in your house allows you to decorate the walls with your treasured collections. With the wall niches, you can display your prizes, artworks, pictures, and frames. Wall niches also prevent children or pets from knocking off and breaking your items.

After embracing modern homes, we lost several functional details of old houses. However, you can still merge some old house trends into your modern home to create an all-in-one property.

Written by: Wayne Guthals


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