We are Vigeo.

Though varied in our backgrounds, we are united in our mission - "To improve quality of life for our clients by using best-in-breed construction practices and innovative design techniques, built on a foundation of honesty, integrity, and sustainability."

Executive Management

Coffie Family Photo in snow
Joshua Coffie
President and Owner

Joshua is the father of two daughters and an avid sportsman; he loves to fish and hunt and spends most of his free time in the office or in the woods. He is married to his wife Kimberly, and plans to one day build her an expansive ranch and ride off into the sunset, wearing chaps, his old 6-shooter, and his irreplaceable Stetson.

Ljunghag family on the beach in Mexico
Evan Ljunghag
Chief Operating Officer

Evan is the father of three kids and married to his beautiful wife, Ashley. He loves the outdoors and would be on his sled searching for fresh powder everyday of the week if he could. Evan loves to work with his hands and always has at least 12 side-projects at home to stay busy.

Head Office

Annie Weberg
Annie Weberg
Office Manager
Ashley Ljunghag
Marketing Manager

Our Crew

Kevin Esquibel-Navarro
Gavin Fletcher
Nate Cameron
Ian Yoshinaga

The Vigeo Collective

Our partnerships run deep.  Ask us today how you can join The Vigeo Collective, our small business partnership program that puts clients, quality, and excellence above all else.  If you’re interested in learning more, contact us today at collective@vigeoconstruction.com.