Consulting Projects

Our consulting services begin with an in-person estimate.  Our team provides our clients with world-class service from the on-set, spending 60-90 minutes with each prospective client, visiting the project scope, understanding the intention of the project, and asking probing questions to get behind the “why.”  During this session, we provide input into best-practices, design consideration, and the ROI expected with each desired outcome.  


We work extensively with investors in home and commercial flips and provide our clients with the peace of mind that comes with having an advisor who always keeps your best interests at the forefront of their decisions.

 Vigeo also provides design, business, and engineering services to our clients thanks to the extensive backgrounds of our staff.  Whatever problem you face today, we can help you along in your journey.

Two women discussing a plan with blank paper and blue and red pen and glasses between them

It begins with a handshake

Our knowledgeable and friendly staff begin estimates with a handshake and a simple question – “why.”  As your personal advocates in completing your project, we ask open-ended and probing questions to fully understand your intentions and desires with the build.  These questions give us insight into how you intend to use your space, which configurations and solutions best fit your lifestyle, and help ensure that the build results in a extremely satisfied client.  

Our sessions last from 60-90 minutes where you can ask your estimator any questions about the potential build and we happily provide you with five star consulting services.  

Considering a design session where you take on the work yourself?  Feel free to reach out to us for our consultation rates for DYIers and hands-on investors.

Competency through experience

We’re a unique company and our people make us that way.  We have engineers, designers, builders, management consultants, technologies, and more to provide you with deeper insight than a normal construction company.  Our belief is that the more inclusive and diverse we are as an organization, the better the solution we provide to our clients.

Our approach to builds and remodels gives you a chair at the design table without the burden of day-to-day tasks, check-ins, and unanswered questions because we’ve had those same questions in our lives in the past.

We’re here to change the construction experience because we’ve lived the construction experience.

Man holding drafting pen while daring dimensions of building
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Your trusted advisors

At the forefront of every decision we make for our clients is a simple question to maintain our perspective – “Is this in the best interest of the client?”  Our goal is to create fanatical clients that eagerly share their experience with friends and family, giving them the same opportunity to improve their lives.

We hold ourselves accountable.  Through customer portals, transparent communication, and guaranteeing our work, we believe that holding ourselves accountable to our word is the first step in developing trust.  

And we keep our promises.