Design Projects

Form vs. Function.  The age old debate between art and engineering tends to charge interactions in the construction space and it sparks a question in our minds – “why can’t you have both?”  

Our team of designers leverage User Experience, human psychology, best practices in design and material usage, visit trade shows for up-and-coming products, and create visual representations for our clients to facilitate in the decision-making process of our projects.  We partner with some of the most well-known suppliers of decor and building materials to provide our clients with the best selection and accessibility possible and give our clients a way to easily select the materials they would like for their job.

Heavily influenced by our team of engineers, these designers provide sketches, digital mockups, and design books that are used extensively among our teams and are one of the most heavily-requested resources on the team.

White lit box that states think outside the box sitting on black chair

Design Thinking

It comes down to creative problem solving.  Influenced heavily by IDEO’s design team philosophies, our team solves problems from the ground up, never letting current constraints dictate the optimal outcome. We believe that diversity in solution-ing is key to the optimal outcome and we never settle for the easier wrong when the best answer can still be won.

Our design team combines desirability, viability, and feasibility to address every problem we solve, beginning first with data collection and analysis, leveraging best practices and industry research to validate hypotheses, and ending with a well-rounded solution that we test with prototypes and user research. 


Our tool of choice is a white-board, giving us a blank slate to solve the problems that matter the most to you.  After our design begins to conceptualize, we leverage Google’s Sketchup platform to put our ideas into a visual canvas for iterative improvement.  This allows our clients to understand exactly what they’re going to get before they even sign on with us but, most importantly, they now can contribute as a member of the team, providing suggestions and improvements right alongside the team.  

Our design programs and staff give us a leg-up on the competition and aid in streamlining the permit process, getting your project across the finish line sooner and with an outcome you’re ecstatic about.

Design image of basement remodel
Gentleman wearing a leather banded watch while reviewing notes using his pen as a guide

Design Planning

Form sells but function endures.  When it comes to remodeling, we cannot separate the two concepts while maintaining happy clients or high ROI; the two must be of one mindset.  That’s why we balance every conversation with return on investment and raise our hand when the money you spend on your project won’t provide the financial return you’re looking for, giving you peace of mind throughout the project.

Our planning process begins with function and ends with form, demonstrating our extensive background in psychology and user experience.  We incorporate alternative solutions that reduce waste in landfills, reduce the price tag of most high-end products with handmade or refurbished products, and give you a truly unique home you will not find elsewhere.